Sunrise in Gallipoli

Kochie uncovers the secrets of Istanbul on the road to Gallipoli.

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Weekend Sunrise Allstars

The Weekend Sunrise All-stars discuss a proposed pokies lock-put and one mum's cunning plan to return her child's birthday presents.

Act of kindness

Oklahoma restaurant owner Ashley Jiron has left notes inviting a dumpster diver to a free meal. She joins Mon and Larry to explain why.

Love and food at Gran's table

A new cookbook has collected over 120 recipes and charming stories from grans across Australia. Author Natalie Oldfield and granny Cleo Lynch show off their cooking skills for us.

ANZAC Day terror plot

Security will be stepped up for ANZAC Day ceremony's around the world as police investigate an ISIS inspired terror plot.

For love and a beetle

Ivan and Beth Hodge have travelled around the world in their VW Beetle. We find out why the handbrake is about to go up for the final time.

OMG emoji facts

Did You Know using emoji is good for your libido? Or that they’ve been around for thousands of years? Learn some emoji facts with Mon.

Twin strangers

They say there are seven people in the world who look exactly like you but who you’ve probably never met. Twin strangers Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan join us live.

Solar impulse

Two Swiss pilots are attempting to make history by circumnavigating the world in a solar powered plane. Spokesperson Conor Lennon joins us to explain.

Harry down under

Prince Harry has completed his first two weeks with the Australian Army as his British military career comes to a close.

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