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Tashi: Wed 14 Oct, season 1 episode 10

In order to win the harvesting competition, Jack and Tashi set off to retrieve some rumpus milk, a well-kept secret to the art of growing giant vegetables.

Playboy scraps centrefold

Playboy have announced they will stop publishing photographs of naked women because of the proliferation of porn on the internet.

Wednesday morning headlines - Oct 14

Bec has all the latest news headlines including the confirmation that flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made missile and a hit and run in Sydney.

What Gaga's man thought of her TV debut

Taylor Kinney says watching Lady Gaga's American Horror Story performance left him speechless - particularly since he was seated next to her dad.

Is this the next Game of Thrones?

Bernard Cornwell's novel to TV series The Last Kingdom is touted as the next GOT but he says comparisons are unfair because he doesn't need sex to sell.

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