1. 5:15

    Thank you MKTO for joining our Top 11 for this classic medley!

  2. 2:02

    Special guest John Newman talks about making music, social media and how surreal his job is!

  3. 3:32

    Watch some of the highlights from last night's 'legends' themed live performances on The X Factor.

  4. 7:03

    Barry took us back to the '90s with one word: FREEDOM!

  5. 7:07

    Dami closes the show in style with Prince's legendary 'Purple Rain'.

  6. 7:25

    Taylor makes rock superstar Bryan Adams' hit his own.

  7. 6:18

    We'd dance until the world ends with THIRD DE3GREE!

  8. 6:25

    Ellie proves she's got the moves like Jagger with this classic hit.

  9. 5:58

    Jai serenades the audience with a Beatles classic.

  10. 5:41

    Omar delivers a red-hot rendition of 'Roxanne'.

  11. 6:33

    Jiordan thrills the audience with her take on the King of Pop.