1. 2:35

    Dami reflects on spreading her wings during last week's song as well as her fondness for jazz...

  2. 2:01

    Special guest Ricki-Lee discusses disco, design and her downright busy schedule!

  3. 1:20

    Special guests MKTO loved performing on The X Factor stage with the Top 11!

  4. 2:32

    "It's not the last you've seen of me."

  5. 6:24

    Fresh from the elimination, Cat Vas talks about her work as a music teacher, nerves, and romance in...

  6. 2:35

    Cat Vas has been eliminated from The X Factor's top 10. She chats to Sunrise about her performances...

  7. 3:33

    Cat or Joelle? The judges' final verdict has everyone on the edge of their seat.

  8. 2:16

    Joelle gives her all with her Final Showdown tune, 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran.

  9. 2:13

    Cat performs her Final Showdown song, Radiohead's 'High and Dry'.

  10. 5:13

    UK chart topper John Newman brings his soulful style to The X Factor stage.

  11. 5:31

    Get in the mood for Summer with this worldwide exclusive performance from Aussie superstar...