1. 7:42

    Dami commands the stage with her rendition of Thelma Houston's classic.

  2. 7:11

    Taylor is at home with this Mumford & Sons hit.

  3. 8:09

    Joelle takes us to (Bruno) Mars with her performance.

  4. 6:21

    JTR's awesome performance has everybody talking!

  5. 6:56

    No tears, only cheers when Omar takes on JT.

  6. 6:06

    Ellie soars like a bird with her Nelly Furtado rendition.

  7. 7:35

    Barry looks California cool for his Katy Perry number.

  8. 7:52

    Jai's performance knocks us off our feet.

  9. 6:20

    It has to be said: THIRD D3GREE drive the crowd WILD!

  10. 5:57

    Mayhem meets madness meets musical magnificence as judge Redfoo gets ridiculous!

  11. 2:50

    Want big bold baby doll eyes? Jiordan 'Gets the look' with a little help from Rimmel