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Singing on stage in front of millions of people is a far cry from studying at high school and working in a pizza shop on weekends. That's the new reality for Mitchell Smith. Growing up in the Byron Shire, singing has always been a passion for the shy teenager .

Taking to The X Factor stage at his audition was the first big step towards fulfilling his dream. Standing side of stage that day was his Mum, Ally, who has always encouraged him to sing. "To get on that stage and be able to express myself was just awesome ," Mitchell says of his audition.

Judge Guy Sebastian said Mitchell had to overcome his shyness to get further in the competition.

"I want to get more confident on stage, see where this journey takes me. I've got so much passion for music. I think I can go far with The X Factor because I just really love to sing."

Mitchell was also nervous about performing in front of judge and his mentor Kyle Sandilands . "But he was awesome. He's really honest and he puts his own twist on things."

Music runs in his family - his grandfather was a singer in a jazz band in Chicago. Mitchell's current favourite band is Parkway Drive.

Check out our exclusive interview with Mitchell Smith:

Congratulations on making it to the top 12, how does it feel?

The only word would be amazing.

What's been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?

Proving to myself that I can actually do something.

And the toughest part?

All of the stress.

When did you start performing and what spurred you on to apply for the show?

I started performing in the choir in year five, and my mum's friend suggested the show because she knew I wanted to go on one but I was never the right age.

Have you bonded with any of the other contestants? What's brought you together?

Chris and Andrew would have to be my closest contestants because we all just get along so well and like the same stuff.

Who's your favorite judge and why?

Kyle cause he is very funny and truthful, makes me laugh but not when it's at me.

Which artist inspires you and why?

John Mayer and Eminem because most of their lyrics are so deep and meaningful.

Why do you have the x factor?

Because I have the passion for music and I have potential to be a star and create some fantastic music. Haha.

So fast forward in time. You are the x factor winner. Describe what happens next?
Make an album and tour, sharing my music with lots of amazing people. :)

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