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Hayley Teal soon learnt she much preferred the noisy confines of singing on stage in clubs and bars than the idyllic Adelaide Hills apple orchard she grew up on.

Performing in various cover bands over the past few years in Adelaide, The X Factor is Hayley's time to shine. Her big voice had everyone raving after her audition, singing Alicia Keys' "How Come You

Don't Call Me".

Coming from a musical family, Hayley's singing inspirations are the soulful singers Keisha Cole, Eric Benet, Brian McKnight, and, of course, Whitney and Mariah.

Her personal inspiration is her girlfriend Izzy - they have been together for over a year now. Hayley says of her mentor Natalie: "She's beautiful and lovely! She knows what she wants and is so experienced in the industry."

She is looking forward to the live shows, "getting out there and rocking it". Her ambitions? "I want to be singing on a worldwide basis. Writing my own material, recording my own songs."

She hopes to bring to The X Factor her versatility. "I'm real, I'm honest and I hope

Australia will relate to me."

Check out our exclusive interview with Hayley Teal:

Congratulations on making it to the top 12, how does it feel?

Amazing, what a privilege and honor. I feel very lucky.

What's been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?

Brisbane audition (crowd reaction), working with Nat and meeting Rich B and Caribbean.

And the toughest part?

Being away from girlfriend and family.

When did you start performing and what spurred you on to apply for the show?

When I was 12. This year was the right time for me....

Have you bonded with any of the other contestants? What's brought you together?

India and Sally especially. Probably going away together.

Who's your favorite judge and why?

Nat, cause she's my mentor and a wonderful person.

Which artist inspires you and why?

Mariah Carey because of her voice. Mary J for her writing and songs. Michael Jackson for his everything!

Why do you have the x factor?

Hell yes! :)

So fast forward in time. You are the x factor winner. Describe what happens next?
I faint...then, I take the world by storm!

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