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Forklift driver Altiyan Childs had almost given up his dream of becoming a musician. Born in Mt Isa, but growing up in Sydney's North Shore, Altiyan Childs formed his first band at age 12.

Now at 35, he's finally getting the chance he thinks he deserves. Having enjoyed some success 10 years ago with the band "Masonia" (they reached Number 41 on the album charts), Altiyan decided to retire from music.

"I lost the drive to keep plugging away, sending demos."

Altiyan's father encouraged him to audition for The X Factor. "He saw how much I was struggling being

away from music," he says.

Altiyanís first audition didn't go so well - but the judges saw something in and and asked him to return the next day for another chance.

And now he has ended up with Ronan Keating as his mentor in the Over 25s group - "I instantly felt a connection with him - I love that man. He is so inspiring to me."

His musical inspiration: "Prince always affected me, Van Morrison spoke to me."

What is he looking forward to most in the competition? "As soon as the song starts, I

lose myself and find myself at the same time."

Check out our exclusive interview with Altiyan Childs:

Congratulations on making it to the top 12, how does it feel?


What's been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?


And the toughest part?

Getting five hours to sleep and learn a new song. Also witnessing the pain of those who get knocked back.

When did you start performing and what spurred you on to apply for the show?

I started performing in school at about the age of 13. After 2 years of not singing or performing, my father asked me to try for the show as a favor to him.

Have you bonded with any of the other contestants? What's brought you together?

Of course. The common pain and joy has brought us together. And with others, our common beliefs.

Who's your favorite judge and why?

Ronan. He's all soul. He's still very in touch with the human in him. He hasn't lost himself.

Which artist inspires you and why?

Prince. His voice. His guts. His songwriting. His moves. His style. Very few can compare.

Why do you have the x factor?

Because I'm a puppet to the music.

So fast forward in time. You are the x factor winner. Describe what happens next?
A beautiful album is released.

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  1. Ruthie A05:50pm Monday 20th February 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    i wish Altiyan would make beautiful music again coz i love to watch him sing....