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Apprentice hairdresser Sally Ann Chatfield wants to inspire other young performers. Singled out by a music teacher after hearing her big, powerful voice, Sally immersed herself in singing.

It has been a part of Sally's life since she was seven years old - although there is footage of her singing at age two. It helped her cope with the bullying she endured at school, growing up in Lakes

Entrance in Victoria.

"I love the community, but my teenage years were hard. Singing helped me escape.."

Her main musical influences is the relatively unknown Jonny Craig - "He's an alternative artist from a band called Emarosia."

Her inspiration in life: "My family. They've always believed in me, but have never pressured me. They're my biggest fans."

It was her family who encouraged her to audition for The X Factor. 'I hadn't sung for about two years and I really missed it. I thought ëI don't want to get older and regret not having tried to do anything

with my singing'."

Of her mentor Natalie, Sally says: "She's beautiful, inside and out. She really cares about you and it's easy to relate to her."

Sally is looking forward to the live shows . "I want to be singing up there for as long as I can."

Check out our exclusive interview with Sally Chatfield:

Congratulations on making it to the top 12, how does it feel?

It feels it's not actually happening. It's gone so quickly; it's weird to think I'm in the top 12 when not long ago I was audtioning.

What's been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?

The kind words I've already received from people who have seen my performances. It's been so beautiful and I'm already so grateful.

And the toughest part?

Being away from home is already proving difficult but I know I can tough it out.

When did you start performing and what spurred you on to apply for the show?

I started when I was seven, doing singing lessons and such. And I decided to do it very last minute.

Have you bonded with any of the other contestants? What's brought you together?

I've become really close with India and Hayley because we've been in the same group the whole time, and also with Chris. We met at the Melbourne auditions and we got along straight away.

Who's your favorite judge and why?

Obviously Natalie. I've spent the most time with her and have mostly dealt with her, and she is absolutely amazing.

Which artist inspires you and why?

Jonny Craig is the only vocalist I listen to at the moment. I don't go a day where I don't listen to his music. His voice basically makes me happy and I want to do his kind of music.

Why do you have the x factor?

I have the quirk, the look, and the voice that I think Australia is looking for.

So fast forward in time. You are the x factor winner. Describe what happens next?

I make the number one selling album in Australia and then THE WORLD. Not thinking too far ahead or anything.

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    The band is Emarosa