Mel B Talks Spice Girls, Her Career and The X Factor Final Four

Aka Scary Spice, Mel B dropped into The X Factor this week to guest mentor our finalists and took time out of her hectic schedule to answer our questions themed around some of the Spice Girls biggest hits...

The X Factor Final Four WANNABE as successful as you. What’s the secret to your success and what advice can you offer the contestants?

I don’t have any secrets but it’s about look, timing and talent. It’s as simple as that.

Was it TOO MUCH of a challenge mentoring The X Factor contestants?

No, not at all. It was really easy because they’re all super talented. They all get it, they’re all great performers and they’re all great vocalists, so it wasn’t a hard job at all.

So you don’t think they need anything to SPICE UP THEIR LIVES?

No, they’re all doing a great job. They’ve got two more weeks to really prove themselves so they have to shoot something out of the ballpark to really impress the judges and the public for that vote.

Some contestants have been criticised for their inability to move onstage. IF YOU CAN’T DANCE what’s the next best thing to do during a performance?

It’s not about dancing. It’s about just improvising how the music feels inside your body. It can just be a little groove or whatever. Everyone has their own thing when they listen to their favourite song. I would incorporate that when they perform. It’s not even about choreography or big dance moves it’s about just jamming which they’re kind of doing anyway.

Is it ever appropriate to be a SATURDAY NIGHT DIVA and what advice would you give The X Factor Final Four to remain humble?

When you’re first starting out you have to be humble and you have to keep that throughout your whole career. But if you want water that’s warm for your vocal cords and someone gives you a bottle of water that’s cold then, as a singer, you have to look after your voice. So there’s no harm in being a diva when it comes to protecting your tool. When it comes to demanding ridiculous requests you can only do that when you’re at the top of your game and you’ve been in the business for a long time.

In two weeks time, for The X Factor finalists, 2 BECOME 1. If you won The X Factor what would you do to cement your place as a artist in the industry?

I’ve been in a group with four of my best friends so I’ve never been put in that position. I wouldn’t know what I would do to be honest. I mean, it’s a tough industry right now so you have to really have the talent and the commitment and the drive to really want to do it and be there. It’s anybody’s game right now with these contestants and I don’t know what I would do if I was in their shoes. The Spice Girls never really gave a crap about what anybody else thought of them. We were in our own world championing Girl Power and if people liked us, they liked us. If they hated us, they hated us. We we’re just all about getting a message across that was positive for young girls.

You NEVER GIVE UP ON THE GOOD TIMES so what’s the best and worst things about making your own reality TV show It’s A Scary World?

There are no worst things because I chose to do it. Sometimes it’s long hours, sometimes I get a bit stressed and tired but apart from that the cameras follow me around doing what I usually do. Whether it be me in the studio or me doing a school run, me doing a family dinner... it’s all regular stuff which I do in general which is somewhat normal and somewhat very rockstar-ish. Like taking a jet to Vegas with my kids.

Speaking of your kids, you’re a MAMA. How do you juggle parenthood and your career?

It’s all about a good schedule and balance. I may be working for 10 days straight doing crazy hours but then I’ll have two weeks off where I get to just be with my kids. For me, to be the best parent that I can be, I have to have an outlet for my creativity and I have to work because I love to work but then I love taking my time off. So I can pick and choose what I do and when I do it.

Would you SAY YOU’LL BE THERE continuing your career in another decade?

Well I’m 35, I’m not about to retire. You know I’m working on a Spice Girls musical and I’m working on my album. There are loads of different business ventures that I’m doing with my husband – we have a production company. We just did a movie recently with Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendez called The Bad Lieutenant which was quite a big smash which was great. So I love doing what I’m doing, It doesn’t feel like work to me.

Finally, who’s going to win The X Factor?

It could be a real toss-up between all four of them. It depends what the public are in the mood for. If they’re in the mood to be entertained by a girl group then Mahogany’s going to win. If they want a slightly eccentric but passionate rock star they’ll choose Altiyan. If they want a jazz guy they’ll choose Andrew and if they want a big voice they’ll choose Sally. They’re all so different. It’s quite a hard decision.


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  1. Pamela07:01am Monday 08th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    the word is Scary , don't knock it until u have seen the show. it's old spice mixed with attitude walk the walk & talk the talk. As for myself the in look back then was top of the line mocasins sporty shoes from sg with matching Miss Shop pants/top. Not sure what look I was going for provided it wasn't anything that a gentleman would turn down...Respect that is!