The top 10 amazing moments

The X Factor Australia proved that Grand Final week = nothing but an all-out musical spectacular! From the moment the show opened with a gob-smacking, jaw-on-the-floor group performance, we knew we were witnessing one of the biggest television events of the year.

We’ve put together a handy list of the 10 most amazing moments from the opening number, starting with...

ONE: The giant skull. We’ll be borrowing this one next Halloween. Thanks X Factor.

TWO: The yellow snake. Like, a real snake. On stage. Having a boogie with our finalists. Because that’s how we roll.

THREE: Our dancers. Can we just take a moment to give it up for the slickest groovers in the business? They flip, they slide, they jump, they do it ALL!

FOUR: Sammi’s dress. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

FIVE: Even more dancers. Seriously, though. Those dancers. Right? Right!

SIX: Jason’s swagger. Maybe it’s the wardrobe, maybe it’s all the time he’s spent with Mel B, maybe it’s the lyrics, “if you go hard you’ve gotta get on the floor”, but whatever Jason’s doing, it’s working. Yes indeedy.

SEVEN: Even more and more dancers. Where can we learn to dance like that? Sign us up. Sign us up YESTERDAY!

EIGHT: The Collective rapping. All of them, rapping. Will, Jayden, Zach, Trent and Julian. Rapping. They rapped, you guys. Rapping.

NINE: Our finalists back together again. Heart-warming stuff. (Plus: Justin in the moshpit!)

TEN: The bit at the end with the dancers. Dancing in the rain like super amazing dance BOSSES.

So as our finalists wait excitedly for tonight’s Decider, we suggest spending a little time with this group performance to get yourselves suitably jazzed for a massive evening of television.

7:30pm tonight! The winner is crowned.

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