A powerful and passionate semi-final!

Memo to Mel B: we’re definitely at “the pointy end” of the competition now as our Top 4 barrel head first into Monday night’s X Factor semi-final. Singing songs to theme of Power & Passion, Bella, Sammi, Jason and The Collective will have their work cut out for them as they put on not one but TWO superstar performances. Amidst their super busy schedules we chatted with some of them about powerful and passionate music, and also discussed what it was like to say goodbye to Shiane.

You’re singing two songs on Monday night. How do you feel about that?

BELLA: I think under any other circumstances I’d be worried about singing two songs, but because of the two songs I’ve got I’m really excited. I think they both show off two really different sides of my voice. The really good thing is that the downtempo song is something that people are going to expect, because it was a popular choice for me by the audience; couple of weeks ago everyone was saying, “Bella should really do this song” and now I’m doing it. The other song, an uptempo song, is going to really shock people. It’s not going to be a choice they expected and I really hope I can pull it off so I can prove that I don’t have to stick to my genre, I can do other things and experiment a little bit.

TRENT: We’re excited because we’re not just going out on stage with one, we’re going out on stage with two songs. And there’s a ballad and an upbeat song so it’s one day we can prove both things. And yeah, power - we’re going to have fun on stage, we’re going to show what The Collective can do. We’re going to bring out the energy and the power in it.

JASON: I’m very excited. I enjoy singing and I’m only going to do the best I possibly can with them on Monday night.

The theme is Power & Passion. What song makes you feel triumphant? What do you listen to when you’re in a good mood?

BELLA: I think a lot of the music I listen to, it’s not really mood specific. There’s no real go-to track I listen to when I’m happy. But a song that will always make me get a bit hyped up is Foals, “Hummer” or “Balloons”. They’re both great tracks. They’ll get you in a good mood.

JASON: I like rock ‘n’ roll type of music just to pep me up and get me going again.

And what about passionate songs? If you’re feeling a bit down, do you have any music that you listen to?

BELLA: I’m not really ever in sad moods, but when I’m having a chilled day and it’s raining I’ll put on The Amazing Broken Man, really, really beautiful acoustic music. Or Bon Iver. I love Bon Iver.

TRENT: On Monday the passion will bring out the emotion in our song. [The song we’re singing] it’s the only song to really feel why we’re here, why we’re singing from our hearts.

JASON: I don’t know about the sad, the passion, I don’t know about that. But Monday’s going to be very enjoyable and I’m very excited.

And what was it like saying goodbye to Shiane?

BELLA: It’s so hard when not only someone from your own category but a friend goes. And I was Shiane’s closest friend in the competition so it’s just tough that she’s gone because she was like a little sister to me. We get on really well and we bonded the more we hung out together. I don’t think she was her bubbly self on Tuesday and that was really hard because that’s when she’s at her best - when she’s her usual happy self, she makes everyone else happy too. And it was just so devastating for me to watch her be so upset, because there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change what’s happened. I think she’ll be really good, I think she’ll be fine.

TRENT: Going up against Shiane, it felt... you don’t ever want to go up against anyone, but it had to be Shiane. We just felt that it was another song to prove ourselves, another song to sing to Australia. We just did the best we could and we did come out on top, unfortunately for Shiane, but we both wanted the dream and one of us had to go.

JASON: It wasn’t very good that Shiane was eliminated but I mean, someone’s gotta go and each week you’ve just gotta think yourself lucky that it wasn’t you.

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