Top 5 Result Show: Special Guests

This Tuesday night comes with a warning: you won’t be able to get Ke$ha and Johnny Ruffo’s new tunes out of your head!

At the risk of a Ruffonator Riot we’re welcoming Johnny back onto The X Factor stage to perform his new single, “Take It Home.” The X Stream host and winner of this year’s Dancing With The Stars has been BUSY since making it into the 2012 final of The X Factor - Tuesday night will be just a taste of what he’s been up to!

She introduced ripped stockings as a lifestyle choice, she shared the same penchant for feathers in her hair as our own Reece Mastin, she can identify your spirit animal and she’ll be performing her new hit single, “Die Young” live on Tuesday. Of course as any Animal knows, we are talking about the inimitable Ke$ha.

Ruffonators and Animals unite this Tuesday 7.30pm for our Top 5 Results Show.

Johnny Ruffo



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  1. Josefa08:49pm Tuesday 06th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    XFactor has been an inspirational show to watch, can't wait for the next show. Todays elimination was to sad, but its all part of the show, all the best to Shiane and hope to hear from you again in the near future. Love all your performance.