Up For The Challenge

The next X Factor performance show will have a very interesting twist as Nat, Guy, Mel B and Ronan pick songs for their rival acts. That’s right, the tables have turned and for the first time the mentors won’t be in charge of the tunes their contestants are singing! We caught up with the Top 5 to discuss this twist...

We can’t reveal your song just yet, but what was your reaction when you found out what you’ll be singing on Monday night?

SAMANTHA: It’s not the song I would have chosen, or Guy would have chosen for me. So it’s a really random song choice. The lyrics are what mean a lot to me, so I can really relate to the lyrics, but it’s a bit of a pop/rocky kind of vibe which is totally not me. When Guy found out he was just kind of shocked for a second, and then he just kind of went, “Okaaay...” He said, “You’ve got to make it you, that’s what the challenge is.”

WILL (THE COLLECTIVE): I was stoked when I found out what the song was. It’s modern and it’s a brand new song and maybe the majority of the audience that come and watch the show will probably dig this song a lot.

SHIANE: I was actually really happy when I found out what song I was singing because I really like the song. My sister actually picked it for me ages ago and she wanted me to sing it so I was really happy that I got it. When Nat first knew what it was she was like, “Really, that song?” because she originally wanted it for Bella, not me. But then when I started singing it she said, “Wow, I actually like this song for you!”

JASON: I was very excited. Ronan picked the song...

BELLA: It is a great song. All the judges are going to want the other contestants to do well. Nat was worried at first, but she likes the song as well. It has a lot of different elements to it and it’s quite well known. Nat, the music producers and myself were all figuring out how I should sing the song.

If you could pick a song for any of the other acts left in the competition to perform, what would it be?

SAMANTHA: I’d love to hear Bella sing a Rihanna song, broken down like a ballad. I think that would be really cool.

WILL (THE COLLECTIVE): I would like to see Samantha Jade sing “Spice Up Your Life”!

SHIANE: I actually would like to see Bella sing a Lana Del Rey song. That’s just my opinion!

BELLA: I’d get Jason to do a Spice Girls song!

We’re now more than halfway through the competition. How are you feeling about that?

SAMANTHA: Shocked to still be here. I thought I was going on Tuesday night - I really thought Nathaniel would stay and I’d go, I’m still shocked. And very grateful.

WILL (THE COLLECTIVE): We want it. We want to be at the Grand Final and we’re not going to take “no” as an answer. We’re just going to have to put our best foot forward and pick up from last week, you know? We had a shaky performance. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t our best and we’re just going to pick it up and go from there.

SHIANE: I feel pretty confident because I’ve made it as far as I wanted to. It was my goal to make it to the Top 5 so I’ve done that. Whatever happens after that, it will just be a bonus.

JASON: Very excited. It’s hard to believe that I’m still here. Just having so much fun too so it’s really good.

BELLA: I’m just getting more and more excited every week. I feel like people expect me to get nervous or feel like the pressure is on now but I was feeling the same amount of pressure at the start of the live shows. I never wanted to do a bad performance. I’ve always been wanting to do better and better each week and I think I have. It’s an honour to be this far in the competition; it’s an honour to think that people have picked up the phone and voted for me and that’s why I’m still here. I’d like to say thank you.

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  1. Sheree12:38am Wednesday 07th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    the collective are so good there rock it last night

  2. Francesca08:07am Tuesday 06th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Question for Ronan. "If tomorrow never comes" which you picked for Jason to sing was actually written and recored by Garth Brooks in 1989. Why did you call it your song when you only did a "cover version"? BTW Jason performed it very well!