Oz Factor!

The X Factor is gearing up to celebrate all things Aussie music with a Made In Australia show, so we sat down with some of our Top 6 to discuss whether Guy Sebastian is, in fact, their favourite Australian artist!

Who is your favourite Australian artist?

SAMANTHA: My favourite Australian artist is Guy Sebastian. [Laughs] I mean, Guy is, I think, the best singer in the country. But I’ve also gotta go with Kylie Minogue. And John Farnham. AND Olivia Newton-John! Love her! We’ve got so many great Aussie artists. We’re very lucky.

JASON: My favourite Aussie artist would have to be Lee Kernaghan. Or Slim Dusty.

NATHANIEL: Guy Sebastian. [Laughs] I’ve always been a fan of John Farnham. Daniel Merriweather. Diesel.

And do you have a favourite Aussie song?

SAMANTHA: My favourite Aussie song is “You’re The Voice” - John Farnham. How can you go past it? Best one.

JASON: I think I’m singing it on Monday night...

NATHANIEL: I love “Burn For You” by John Farnham.

What do you think makes Aussie music unique?

SAMANTHA: I think Australians are really good people. I think that we’re all proud to be Australian and I think that helps.

JASON: I reckon it’s unique because everyone’s got their different type of music. You know like there’s your country, your rock. Look at Slim Dusty - he had a weird type of music, he pretty much spoke throughout all his songs!

NATHANIEL: I think the Australian music industry is inclined to pop music, dance and indie at the moment. To be honest I would love it to be a bit more open, but this show paints a little picture for what we are as artists and makes it more known.

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