Hits On!

Party week may be drawing to a close but the celebrations haven’t stopped here at The X Factor as our Top 10 get ready to take on Top 10 Hits! We tracked some of the contestants down and hit them up with a couple of questions...

What makes a hit song?

CARMELO: "Being able to perform it. Any song can be awesome but you’ve just gotta get that personality of the song before it goes anywhere. You’ve gotta get that feeling of the song because every song has its own sort of vibe and people feel that at different points in time. But when you actually capture that in a performance you get to smash it out there and I think that’s what you need."

SAMANTHA: "A really strong melody, great lyrics and a good subject."

BELLA: "What I think makes a hit song for me, that I really want to listen to all the time, is something that’s a bit different. It has to have a different sound to what I’ve heard before, because that’ll keep me interested. I think in general it’s really important to be a bit contemporary, play around with different things. An artist has to have a very good sense of their own style. It’s easier to get into a song if the artist is easier to get into. So, it’s a combination of a lot of things. I don’t think there’s a secret formula."

NATHANIEL: "Something that sticks around. Like a germ, that jumps from one thing to another. Something that’s contagious... that’s what I’m trying to say! And that goes for songs that are old and new."

How would you celebrate your first Top 10 hit?

CARMELO: "I would have a party! A family party with pizza and stuff - we’ve got the pizza oven - have a family party with the pizza oven and then afterwards go out with the friends and go crazy!"

SAMANTHA: "Oh my gosh, I would just be beside myself. What would I do? I’d just be around my closest friends and family and party!"

BELLA: "I would probably just have a lot of food. Cheese, I do love cheese. A bit of whipped cream. Berries. I don’t know, I’d just like have a party but catered by like a million people so you just never stop eating, just like a free-for-all. Because I do love to celebrate!"

NATHANIEL: "It would have to be a big party. I would get all my friends and family together and just party."

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  1. silvijana11:24pm Monday 01st October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    so upset with Guy ..if he cant be there for his team even one night he should not be paid or even on xfactor show...and poor shiane her mentor is bringing her down not up the song choices are just wrong for her

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