Sparks Fly as 1D join The X Factor

In the words of Luke Jacobz: “One Direction. Good times, good times!”

Electricity was in the air when the boys from One Direction made their long-awaited appearance on X Factor Australia's last night. Joining Ronan Keating and his groups in London, the biggest band in the world wasted no time in connecting with the contestants, immediately introducing themselves and dishing out hugs, handshakes and the occasional cheeky kiss!

Newly formed X Factor boy band member Jayden Sierra said what everyone else was thinking when he told Harry Styles, “You’re hotter up close bro!” Meanwhile, an amused Ronan “couldn’t believe the reaction on the contestants’ faces when One Direction walked out. Some of them were nearly crying!” Well, yeah. They’re ONE DIRECTION, Ronan. Kind of a big deal.

Before settling down to watch the group performances, Louis Tomlinson offered the contestants some age-old advice: “Make sure you enjoy yourself!” But once the newly formed X Factor girl band took the stage it became very apparent that the contestants weren’t the only ones having all the fun. Throwing a now (in)famous wink in Styles’ direction, Briden-Starr and the rest of the girls certainly made their mark. “I think I’m in love with them,” Styles said. “I’m not even kidding!”

As the girl band instantly became the envy of Directioners the world over, Ronan was quick with his reality check: “They’re bubbly, great energy, gorgeous looking girls, but I didn’t believe them. I don’t believe the chemistry’s right between them.” Will One Direction convince Ronan to give the girls a chance? Will What About Tonight soar or stumble in front of their biggest musical heroes? And what will the other superstar guest mentors, Usher, Alicia Keys and Ke$ha, make of the remaining categories? The all-important home visits continue at 7:30pm on Channel 7...

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