Supergroups Galore!

Eleven X Factor hopefuls got the shock of their lives at Super Bootcamp when the judges turned the tables and put together not one but TWO potential supergroups! Taking their mission from X Factor Supremo Simon Cowell to a whole new level, Guy, Nat, Mel B and Ronan had the super fun task of delivering the good news to performers who initially thought they’d been eliminated.

Check out the announcement below:

Having taken a third shot at X Factor glory, Trent Bell was devastated when he didn’t make the group of six Under 25 Boys going to home visits, saying, “I’ve gotten used to getting nos, but it doesn’t make it any easier”. When the penny dropped that he was now part of an X Factor boy band along with fellow contestants William, Jayden, Zach and Julian, an elated Trent declared, “it starts today; it starts here!” Also riding a roller coaster of emotions was Veronica Bravo, who along with her new girl band members including Briden-Starr, Katini, Keeda, Stephanie and Vanessa first thought she was only being called back to receive feedback. Once Ronan gleefully declared, “you’re all going to home visits!” an ecstatic Veronica said, “they call it Super Bootcamp for a reason!” So what’s next for the new bands on the block? Along with the 22 other lucky acts heading to home visits, they will now take off on the most exciting and nail biting event of their lives. As Mel B said, “the experience that you get - and you get to share it with each other - it’s absolutely amazing”. The adventure has only just begun!Home visits start at 7:30pm Monday and continue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. Ebube09:03pm Monday 10th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I just watched the super groups performances and like the whole show tnight. BUUUUUUUT.....I just noticed that my friend Vanessa wasn't in it when I clearly do remember her in the the precense of the judges when they announced the identity of the super groups....I wonder where she is!!!!!!!!!!! :c