Does Lifeguard Adil need saving?

Adil Memon looks to be in a world of trouble at X Factor Super Bootcamp. The teenager from Ipswich, whose initial audition was cool and collected, started to panic under the pressure of last night’s ensemble performance challenge.

Placed in a group with some of the competition’s strongest singers, including Angel Tupai, Carmelo Munzone, Fourtunate, Tabitha Omaji and Nathaniel Willemse, Adil was given the opening lines of James Morrison’s hit “You Give Me Something”. But the song proved to be too much for the lifeguard, who said during rehearsal that, “this is really hard for me, man. This key is not working out for me.”

Despite some last-minute tips from X Factor vocal coach Gary Pinto, when it came time for Adil’s ensemble to take the stage he fled to the bathroom instead. So will Adil be able to overcome his fears, join the rest of his group on stage and muster up the right notes at the right time? The stakes have never been higher, with the X Factor hopeful admitting, “This is my dream, I don’t want it to come to an end, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and just know that it’s over...”

Tune in to Super Bootcamp tonight to see if it’s dream on or dream over for Adil.

Super Bootcamp continues at 7:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 7.

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  1. Amaar11:36pm Wednesday 05th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    hey adil, im amaar i love you so much from the moment you stepped in. your beautiful hot, sexy and your voice is so magical, i cry when you sing! please beleive in your self and strive till the very end. i know you could win. please dont give up ill always love you xo