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It's been a busy week for the remaining finalists as they juggle public engagements with their increasingly hectic rehearsal schedules.

The punishing timetable has had Sophia from Three Wishez reminiscing about the days when she used to actually sleep.

The Three Wishez star is still getting used to grabbing only a few hours shut-eye each night, but like her fellow contestants wouldn't give up her X Factor opportunity for all the sleep in the world.

We caught up with Andrew earlier to discuss how preparations were going for Monday's live show.

"I'm taking a risk this week," the former nut salesman told us, "it's a big risk, but at this stage of the game you have to take risks.

"The 90s is the theme for next live show and I am singing a well known classic. But we've totally messed with the arrangement and it sounds totally different to what people are used to. I just hope the folks at home love it when they hear it."

When he's not tweeting his fans or dishing out beauty tips, Johnny Ruffo's new obsession is to create homemade potions and concoctions known as Ruffo's Remedies!

If you've got a sore throat or 'an inflamed vocal chord' then you too could heal yourself thanks to Johnny's magical cures:


Grated ginger
Lemon juice

Hot water

See for yourself!

The rivalry on the Wii console has reached epic proportions. Fred-Day from Three Wishez gets so carried away when he plays Super Mario Kart that his squeals of excitement can be heard for miles. Literally miles!

If he's not careful he too could be after some of Ruffo's remedies after screaming himself horse!

Whenever the finalists have a spare minute together (and the Wii is not on) then it's Jamming Time!

The guitars come out the harmonies develop, and the mums (Reece's, Christina's and Declan's) nod their heads and tap their toes to the beat... it's a beautiful thing.

That's all for this week folks - more next time!

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