Showdown Shocker!

If Tuesday night’s show was the main event, then last night was definitely the after-party, with the show getting underway thanks to a lively collaboration between LA hipsters LMFAO and our X Factor finalists.

Performing the monster hit Party Rock Anthem (watch it here) Wednesday's result show was kicked-off in banging fashion.

Next up was Sneaky Sound System performing their new tune Big (watch it here), before it was time for the Luke to read out the results of the public vote.

One by one the names were read out until only Jacqui and Tyla were left on the stage... which was bad news for Mel B.

For the second week in a row Jacqui entered the final showdown all guns blazing, demanding the Respect of the judges, Aretha Franklin style (check out her performance here).

Tyla came out ready to slug it out for a place in next week’s show, with her rendition of Christine Aguilera’s Fighter (click to watch).

After Guy and Nat had opted to send Tyla home and Ronan had plumped for Jacqui, all Mel had to do was choose Jacqui and it would have gone down to the public vote.

But in a dramatic twist the former Spice Girl decided to send Tyla home, reasoning that Jacqui was better at controlling her nerves.

A brave call from the girls’ mentor.

Did you think Mel made the right decision?

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  1. Andrea06:42pm Saturday 01st October 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Mel B definately chose the right person. I dont think Tyler was very good. I couldnt listen to her for too long. I was surprised she even made it through. Jacqui definately has the better voice and I can see she does have more to offer.

  2. Wendy03:34pm Friday 30th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    I think Mel B was in a very difficult position. However, she did send home better singers from bootcamp so I guess I'm not surprised. Jacqui has turned out to be a disappointment after her rocket performance of ACDC in the auditions. I so wish she would lift her game. It comes down to song choice and I say let the contestants choose what they want to sing. Full stop.

  3. 01:05am Friday 30th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Mel B is straight up..takes no bull & says it like it suck it up princess Ronan played it smart..but i gotta say, wat a liar 4 choosing Jacqui None of them can wat the hec, y make this a big deal..get over it

  4. AllGoodUsernamesTaken10:24pm Thursday 29th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    All of Mel B's girls are all so talented! Like Tyla :(

  5. Sofia Francesca06:12pm Thursday 29th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Sorry to have to say this but none of Mel B's girls can sing for peanuts as was proven last night, not even their mentor has any faith in them so why did she choose the 3 worst out of all of the girls. I guess it proves that Mel B doesn't know music or talent when she sees it, after all she was a spice girl and as we all know none of them could or can sing.