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Have you been sat at home scratching your head and wondering if the rest of the nation agree with your X Factor opinions and insights?

Have you been yelling at the TV during the home visit episodes, wishing you had a like-minded compadre who concurred with your point of view?

Well worry not readers, we’ve been snooping around the message boards of Facebook and Twitter and got the word on the tweet so you don’t have to!

Opinionated people made their feelings public as the home visit episodes started rolling in.

There was a lot of love and hate (sorry girls) for our Melbourne twins Up Front.

Shaun Bice on FB: Ronan, why the twins??????? These sentiments were echoed by Jessica Leigh on FB first Altiyan, now the twins! Ronan really knows how to get everyone cranky ! ♥

But the girls weren’t without their defenders, like Shannon Castle on Facebook who wrote: The show is about growth and Up Front have grown. They've improved from their first performance which was a train wreck!

lilkenobi tweeted: Up Front I wouldn't buy their music but I could totally watch/listen to interviews of them all day #xfactorau.

Beyonce’s A-Team gave Reece Mastin some hairstyling tips but the Facebook fans seemed to love the young rocker’s straightened locks:

Jordy Gray It's not the hairstyle that matters, it's his voice that counts and that's great :P and Julie Green wrote: His hair is interesting - it is a great talking point and he shouldn't change it.

Hair, hair, well said ladies.

The boys acting like, well, giggling schoolgirls in Beyonce’s presence also got a reaction in cyber space.

_aayonce tweeted Loved the boys being lost for words when Beyonce walked in :D Other than 'Can I have another hug' lol XD #xfactorau.

Which was followed by this gem from AnneFed: Wouldn't mind a trip to America... let alone the chance to meetBeyonce! Better start fine tuning my vocal chords. #xfactorau

The home visits meant one thing for our host with the most Luke Jacobz – it was cuddle time!

Bec Byfield wrote on Facebook: They need to rename X Factor Lukey's hug factor. He should get frequent hugger miles. Hugs in new York, LA, Hollywood... Will he jet back to QLD for some over 25 hugs?

Your collective hearts went out to comeback kid Trent, after failing to make the live shows for a second year running:

Liv Harman fumed on FB: I can't believe Trent was voted out! What was Guy thinking??

Whilst Kathyy27 seemed distraught that the good looking 21 year old didn’t make it, tweeting: emotionally breaking down because Trent didnt get through to the live shows D; he was seriously the best #xfactorau

The rants and messages of support ran on and on, but we’ll wrap up this week’s inside scoop with some wise words from Jodie Gwynne McConkey on FB: Instead of bagging the judges for the decisions.. why cant people be more supportive for the people who did get thru? Just wondering.

Until next time folks.

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  2. Alan04:55pm Sunday 18th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    and Tarra-lynn should have a guest spot on the finnal...she was BY FAR the best singer

  3. Alan04:54pm Sunday 18th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Facebook & twitter comments ?? what about comments on your own Forum ??? or dont you care ?

  4. Simon04:25pm Sunday 18th September 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Not one mention of Tara-Lynn? I think you'll find some upset there too!