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Relax! Captain Fred’s in town!

Nov 14, 2011

Semi-Final Backstage Pics!

Go backstage at our massive X Factor semi-final!

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  1. 08:19pm Saturday 26th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    i love u reece mastin i no u were going to win your the best ever and really hot love u baby :)

  2. Justine01:54pm Wednesday 23rd November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    I love youh johnny you are the hottest boy in X-factor

  3. 10:56am Tuesday 15th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Andrew Wishart is an excellent artist and thoroughly deserves to win the competition, I am sure he will. He has an excellent voice with a massive range. It is a pity you didn't begin your career earlier in your life but you are here now good luck Andrew, you have my vote and good luck for the future.


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