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  1. Goodbye Tee

    4:09 Goodbye Tee

    A teary goodbye to the beautiful Tee. We wish him all the very best!

  2. OMTee

    2:11 OMTee

    Tee gets soulful to stay in the running.

  3. Prince Tee

    4:39 Prince Tee

    Tee proved that all that glitters IS gold when he took on a moving ballad by the prince of pop.

  4. Don't Stop Tee Now!

    4:58 Don't Stop Tee Now!

    Tee returns to his audition roots with a Queen anthem. Just don't try to stop him!

  5. Eyes on Tee!

    5:00 Eyes on Tee!

    Tee rocks this sensual Drake track *holds on* *goes home*