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  1. Reigan eXit IV

    1:23 Reigan eXit IV

    Reigan shares her incredible X Factor experience and vows that auditioning was the best thing she’s done this year!

  2. X Factor loses best talent: Reigan Derry

    7:05 X Factor loses best talent: Reigan Derry

    The best female vocalist in this year's competition joins us after she is voted off in a shock elimination on The X Factor despite her show stopping performances week after week which...

  3. Reigan leaves The X Factor

    2:29 Reigan leaves The X Factor

    Reigan Derry talks about being the last to be eliminated before next week's Grand Finale.

  4. The X Factor Farewells Reigan Derry

    The X Factor Farewells Reigan Derry

    Reigan Derry has been knocked out of The X Factor in the final round of eliminations before the Grand Final.

    Also featuring:
    Dannii Minogue
  5. Goodbye to Reigan

    5:21 Goodbye to Reigan

    We said an emotional farewell to our #LegenDerry Miss Reigan.

    Also featuring:
    Marlisa Punzalan
  6. Reigan says her Prayers

    2:18 Reigan says her Prayers

    Reigan delivered a flawless performance of Halleluija for her place in the Top 3.

  7. Only Love for Reigan

    5:10 Only Love for Reigan

    Reigan injects SO much passion into this Paloma Faith hit!

  8. Unforgettable Reigan!

    4:43 Unforgettable Reigan!

    Reigan took on Shakira and it was UNforgettable!!

  9. X Factor judges fight

    1:37 X Factor judges fight

    Dannii and Redfoo argued over Reigan's outfit on last night's X Factor.

    Also featuring:
    Dannii Minogue
  10. Reigan Does Ri-Ri...

    7:57 Reigan Does Ri-Ri...

    ...and she smashed it out of the ballpark!