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  1. Top 3 Battle For The X Factor Crown

    Top 3 Battle For The X Factor Crown

    In the penultimate episode of the season, Marlisa Punzalan, Brothers 3 and Dean Ray have performed for the final time on The X Factor stage before the Grand Final.

    Also featuring:
    Marlisa Punzalan
  2. The Lucky Ones

    6:55 The Lucky Ones

    They went from wildcard to potential winners: Brothers3 really ARE the lucky ones!

  3. Swift Brothers3

    4:45 Swift Brothers3

    The Brothers went back to their Taylor Swift audition song.

  4. Brothers4?

    4:43 Brothers4?

    Guy fits in SO well with the boy's harmonies we think he could join the band!

  5. Last Hurrah!

    3:03 Last Hurrah!

    The Top 3 perform their uber cool group video clip.

    Also featuring:
    Marlisa Punzalan
  6. The X Factor Grand Finalists on Sunrise

    3:28 The X Factor Grand Finalists on Sunrise

    Dean, Marlisa, and Brothers 3 are all in the studio to talk about Sunday's grand final.

    Also featuring:
    Marlisa Punzalan
  7. Brothers3 Gees!

    5:22 Brothers3 Gees!

    Their brotherly harmonies were on point!

  8. Brothers3 do 1D

    5:05 Brothers3 do 1D

    Was this Brothers3's best performance ever?

  9. Bros3 Crew

    5:25 Bros3 Crew

    Brothers3 go urban with their take on Justice Crew.

  10. Sound of Brothers

    5:55 Sound of Brothers

    Brothers3 gave Simon and Garfunkel a modern spin.