How It Works

Show Format/Rules
The age limit is 16 years old and there are four categories

  • 16-24 boys
  • 16-24 girls
  • 25 and overs
  • Groups

Audition Stages
The four judges - Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating - all work together at this stage of the competition. An act must receive at least three 'yes's' in order to make it through to the next stage of the competition - Bootcamp.

At Bootcamp, the judges will be allocated a category to mentor. The contestants who received at least three ‘yes’s’ will be put through their paces to see if they can take on different song genres and assess if they have the enigmatic ‘X Factor.’ The judges will select their most promising contestants from each of their four categories to take to the next stage of the competition - Judge's Houses.

Judge's House's
At the Judge’s Houses stage, each judge will pick their three favourite acts to represent them in the live studio shows. They will bring in big guns from the entertainment industry to help them choose their top three acts.

Live studio shows
The live shows will start later this year. After watching their performance in the live show the public will vote for their favourite act to stay in the competition. In the results show, the two acts with the lowest public vote will sing once again for the Judges and the Judges will vote on who they think deserve to stay in the competition and who should go home.

The Judges are very hands on with their acts. It is up to the Judges to help their contestants select the right song, bring stylists in, choreographers, undertake vocal workshops etc. For artists like Ronan, Natalie and Guy, it is a chance to share what they have learnt in the business (Ronan was in Boyzone, but co-managed Westlife). The X Factor judges develop and nurture the artists alongside some music industry heavyweights. The contestants have unique and valuable access to advice and practical assistance as they progress through the competition.

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  1. Chuchuchu Blahblah07:36pm Friday 12th August 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    honestly this show is just for white people i can sing so mcuh better than some of these girls and i still didnt get in, its all about them

  2. imeldaa04:31pm Thursday 12th May 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    where can you watch it ?

  3. boo09:05pm Sunday 27th February 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    when is this back on do you konw plz tell me