The final Home Visit on The X Factor was emotion-charged as the judge’s had to say goodbye to half of their acts to arm themselves with their top three to sing it out at next week's all important first live show.

Thousands across Australia auditioned, and following months of fierce competition during Boot Camp and Home Visits, the Top 12 have been revealed.

And in a new twist for The X Factor, this year the judges get to pick a Wildcard contestant from their remaining three contestants. It's then up to the viewers to vote for their favourite who will then make it to the Top 13 on Sunday’s live show. VOTE for your fave to join the Top 12 here.

Here is THE X FACTOR Top 12 for 2014:

Dean Ray, 22, VIC
Tee, 24, NSW
Adrien Nookadu, 17, NSW
WILDCARD Jesse Teinaki, 22, TAS

Sydnee Carter, 16, WA
Caitlyn Shadbolt, 18, QLD
Marlisa Punzalan, 14, NSW
WILDCARD Alice Bottomley, 24, VIC

Jason Heerah, 31, VIC
Reigan Derry, 25, NSW
Rochelle Pitt, 41, QLD
WILDCARD Ryan Imlach, 27, VIC

Trill – Jessica Jade, 15, NSW/Angel Tairua, 14, NSW/Sheralyn Hill, 15, VIC
Boy Band – Harry Targett, 16, WA/Joel Watson, 16, VIC/Ellis Hall, 16, NSW
Girl Group – Serenity, 18, VIC/Tahnie Cristini, 19, NSW/Chaska Halliday, 17, NSW/Nada-Leigh Nasser 21, NSW
WILDCARD Brothers 3, NSW – Shardyn, 18/Tayzin, 17/Makirum, 16

The X Factor Live Shows start 6.30pm Sunday with the Wildcard winner revealed.

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