Many of our contestants have rolled into auditions guitar-in-hand hoping to serenade their way into bootcamp and pluck our heartstrings. Who struck a chord with you?

First up we saw rock star Dean, whose earliest memory is being asleep backstage in a Fender Strat guitar case. He wooed the ladies with his rendition of Bette Davis Eyes.

Then we had the lovely Reigan crooning some sweet Adele. We’d love to hear someone like you play guitar to us ALL day!

James’ rocker twist on Katy Perry’s Roar knocked our socks off!

And who could forget brother sister duo Sina and Soni with their breath taking acoustic rendition of True Colours? We cry every time.

  1. SettleDownLadies, it’s just Jaymie playing the classic Wonderwall and making you weak at the knees with his amazing voice…

Acoustic singer Ellis crooned his heart out to Ed Sheeran’s Eighteen. Gorgeous!

Directioner Rachael got a Twitter shout out from Gabrielle Alpin for her amazing performance of Please Don’t Say You Love Me. We’re going to be cheeky and say that we DO love Rachael!

Country boy Tim invented a new genre Puntry [that’s Pop-Country!] with his incredible rendition of I Will Survive.

And Brothers 3 put a Mumford & Sons twist on Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound.

Who do you think played it better?

The X Factor continues Sunday 6:30pm on Channel 7.

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