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  1. Online Auditions Continue

    Online Auditions Continue

    Did you miss The X Factor's huge national audition tour? Don't freak out! You can still audition online

  2. Audition Tour now on!

    Audition Tour now on!

    The search is on again for Australia's next superstar - and it could be YOU!

  3. Dean Ray LIVE

    5:27 Dean Ray LIVE

    The X Factor finalist performs "Coming Back"

  4. Samantha Jade LIVE

    6:06 Samantha Jade LIVE

    The X Factor Champion and ARIA winner performs her new single "Sweet Talk" live in the studio.

  5. Taylor Henderson's Brighter Days

    4:54 Taylor Henderson's Brighter Days

    The X Factor alum performs the new Sunrise theme LIVE in the studio.

  6. Marlisa LIVE on Monday

    0:54 Marlisa LIVE on Monday

    The X Factor winner's debut album is out today, and runner-up Dean Ray will also be on the show next week.

  7. Dannii Minogue back in the studio

    1:10 Dannii Minogue back in the studio

    The X Factor judge is back in the recording studio as part of the "We Love Disney" album.

    Also featuring:
    Dannii Minogue
  8. The VIP X Factor experience thanks to Olay!

    1:12 The VIP X Factor experience thanks to Olay!

    Two lucky fans won an X Factor VIP experience from Olay including a styling session, skin consultation and tickets to The X Factor Grand Final where Marlisa was crowned the winner!

    Also featuring:
    Marlisa Punzalan
  9. Dami Im LIVE on Sunrise

    5:36 Dami Im LIVE on Sunrise

    The X Factor winner performs "Living Dangerously" from her debut album.

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