Episode 4. Bridget has a run in with Keith that's not entirely pleasant, but Frances doesn't want to listen when confronted with the facts.

Episode 4. Jenny didn't realise that she was sending mixed signals when it came to Eliza, but then this awkwardness happened...

Episode 4. Sophie confronts Alex about the incident at the clinic and Alex begs her to stay quiet about it.

Episode 3. Frances, refusing to believe that she might lose another father, confronts Keith about possible options for treatment.

Episode 3. After a little hesitation, Jenny decides to step outside of her comfort zone and give something new a try...

Episode 3. Sophie admits that she sometimes misses wild, younger Sophie. Is she playing with fire?

Episode 2. Riley has well and truly moved on from her ex boyfriend, but has Sophie created a monster in the process?

Episode 2. The weight of her situation finally hits Frances during a seemingly innocent lunch conversation with Keith.