• Jenny Gross

    In the third series Jenny’s adjusting to family life in the wake of the Sam bombshell.

  • Frances James

    When we return for the third series Frances is clearly not coping.

  • Bec O’Connor

    Bec will be forced to rediscover who she is and what she wants out of life.

  • Sophie Wong

    Sexy and confident, Sophie Wong is one sassy dynamo.

  • Dr Doug Graham

    In Series 3, Doug is getting on with his life without the distraction of Sophie.

  • Dr. Carla Hughes

    Smart, sassy and self-assured, Carla is a classic overachiever.

  • Flynn Johnson

    Like his younger sister, Cat, Flynn is passionate, dynamic and occasionally wild.

  • Jonathan Kurtiss

    In the third series Jonathan continues to fulfill his role as Frances’ support system both personally and professionally, and his strength will soon be tested.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Turns out, Zach did discover he had feelings for Frances. But not before Frances started a relationship with an older man – Zach's father.

  • Brian & Trish Gross

    When we return the family is on rocky ground.

  • Wes & Bridget

    Now a busy first time Mum, Bridget is busy keeping her family together.

  • Sam MacKenzie

    When we return Sam is keen to get to know her biological father and half siblings together.

  • Patrick Gross

    Will Patrick be able to deal with the challenges facing him, or will he head down a track from which he may not be able to return.