1. 0:30

    Dream after dream is coming true. Do you have what it takes to win next?

  2. 1:30

    The meltdown! The fatal mistake! The break up! With only five teams left, who will be the My...

  3. 0:19

    Dynamo visits one of the most exciting and explosive countries in Africa.

  4. 0:19

    An Australian returns from the Middle East, and a discovery in his bag could lead to a major fight.

  5. 0:30

    An aspiring U.S Senator glimpses the future Fate has planned for him and realises he wants...

  6. 0:30

    Do you have what it takes to win?

  7. 0:40

    For one of these brothers, their life has been a blood all that holds Brax, Heath and...

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    Follows the officers of the Victoria Police Traffic Management Unit as they deal with high-speed...

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    Coming soon to Seven.

  10. 1:30

    To afford their new dream location, they need to sell their old home for the right price. Will they...

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    They're cooking in their own homes again - but this time it's different. Double the entrees! Double...