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    They all have a house, but desperately want a home. But to get their dream, they’ll have to work...

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    The VIC twins or the Tassie girls? Who will make it to the Grand Final? Find out tonight on Seven.

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    Don't miss Seven's new action packed series, Intelligence! Starts tonight 9.00pm.

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    To afford their new dream, they need to sell their old home for the right price. Can they do it?

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    Based on a Broadway musical and featuring the music by ABBA, it tells the story of Sophie a young...

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    Jane, a divorced woman has an affair with a married man, her remarried ex-husband! However, the man...

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    A young boy, Elliott ventures into his backyard and discovers something mysterious watching him...

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    How will the teams turn this Queensland beast into an absolute beauty? Find out when House Rules...

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    When these kids disappear, a father's worst nightmare begins. This search is the start of something...

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    Will her secret come out? Returning soon to Seven.

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    Dream after dream is coming true. Do you have what it takes to win next?