The Vicar of Dibley

The Vicar of Dibley

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About the show

Actress Dawn French stars in this popular British series set in the small town of Dibley, where the vicar at St. Barnabas' church has dropped dead at the age of 102. The congregation has been told a younger vicar named Gerry Granger will be taking over, but what they don't know is "Gerry" is short for "Geraldine." Rev. Gerry (French) is a cheerful and outgoing women with progressive ideas and a fondness for chocolate; while she finds herself butting heads with David Horton (David Horton), a stright-laced local councilor, she soon wins over most of Dibney's other residents, including sweet but absent minded Alice (Emma Chambers), cranky Owen (Roger Lloyd-Pack), and often contrary Jim (Trevor Peacock).

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