Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf

Scott McCall is a high school student and social outcast but a single wolf bite changes everything. Now Scott has super-human abilities and his athletic prowess makes him popular and desirable, and he falls for the new girl in town, Allison, who’s equally smitten. But Scott’s “new” personality and abilities also pose several problems, and Scott must now try to curb his animalistic desires and hide his secret life as a werewolf.




Tyler Posey Crystal Reed Dylan O'Brien
Holland Roden Colton Haynes Tyler Hoechlin
Linden Ashby JR Bourne Melissa Ponzio
Jill Wagner Eaddy Mays Keahu Kahuanui
Adam Fristoe


Scott McCall Allison Argent Stiles Stilinski
Derek Hale Jackson Whittemore Lydia Martin

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