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Aussie dancer Sahsa Farber joins us live in the studio after taking on Hollywood with a stint on the US version of Dancing with the Stars.

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Our next guest is a dancing champion who takes stars for a spin.

Sasha Farber first took to the floorboards on TV with Nikki Webster back in the second season of 'Dancing with the Stars in Australia'.

But soon enough, Hollywood came calling and snapped up the young performer for the US version of the hit show.

Last year, Sasha paired up with Nicole Polizzi, AKA Snooki from 'Jersey Shore'.

The pair didn't walk away with a place but managed to pull off some very impressive moves.

Sasha Farber joins us now live in the studio.

Morning, Sasha.

How is it looking back at footage of 'Dancing with the Stars Australia' season 2 in 2005?

Definitely a dream come through.

As soon as I did the show, it was my goal to be a professional in the American version.

And finally it happened.

Over there you have the troops.

So they kind kind of test the dancers first and I got to dance to Stevie Wonder and I didfully three seasons over there as a trooper and finally became a professional.

Which is dancing with the celebrity as opposed to being just dancer who does the exhibition dance as well.

You did an amazing job in your season.

Why thank you.

You probably were in the States and didn't see a frame of it, but thank you for saying that.

Snooki was great.

I was a bit nervous when I was first introduced to her.

I was kind of explaining a dance step to her and just has a huge burm and I was like we're going to get along just fine.

You have a clip here of you guys in rehearsals.

Let's take a look at that.

This is my experties.


We it over six sets and I feel like you can't skyrocket straightaway.

Where will you go after.


You said rocket and it goes into space and after space is heaven.

This has is heaven.

This has to be all sex.

Just touch my hand.

Snipe' going to get pregnant with these moves.

I have to just funk it up and do it.

Make a move Sasha and I'll punch you in the face.

(LAUGHS) You just spat in my mouth.

So she's purposing on you and spitting on you.

We had a great time.

This is a great time.

No, she was such hard worker.

I think that like Snooki was the old Snooki.

Nicki is the new woman.

She's just had a baby and has her own show coming up.

She has some moves on her actually.

She was very talented.

I think she should start competing.

You got to week seven and said even though she didn't have dance experience she had a lot of cheerleading which clearly showed there.

TheThe best part about the show, obviously you know, is the progression every week.

And she grew as a dancer every week.

That was the best part of TWe call that a journey.

Do you call it a journey.

Yeah, we call it a journey.

You and your girlfriend met on 'Dancing with the behind-the-scenes stuff going on?

You are together a lot and close and nobody is wearing any clothes, is there a lot of that going on?

Yeah, there is a lot of that going on.

We actually met on a show called Ben and I mean, Emma and I got together and we both became professionals on the show at the same time.

She did really well with Bill.

He is an amazing guy, a comedian.

They made the final, she whipped me.

It's great to work with somebody.

I don't even call it work, we had so much fun.

It's fun to work with somebody who you love and have fun at the same time.

What's the pressure like living in LA and Hollywood and working on one of the top TV shows in the States.

Tell us about the pressure.

You said it's a dream?

It was.

It still is.

There are so many Australians over there - which is great.

And there is definitely a lot of pressure.

That's the best part - being a dancer, we rely on pressure.

If there is no pressure, it would be boring.

Just being on the show and it is hard but you get through it and the best part is that you grow every week.

You go on the journey.


Will that journey see you back on the show next season?

I hope so.

The show premieres on March 17th.

So I hope so.

We find out mid-February.

Oh, right.

Actually just last minute?

Yeah, always last minute.


The question is are you going to be on the Australian one?


I reckon you would be awesome.

I already know who you would dance with.



Isn't she a breaker.

She's tough.

I don't want somebody tough.

Oh, you're going to have fun.

I want somebody loving and caring.

You have 30 seconds.

You put 30 seconds clips of you dancing on YouTube.

So what's that all about?

Yeah, I mean, over there.

Like I said, the whole pressure thing.

The fan base is so big over there.

Out of nowhere it was just an amazing feeling to get all of the fans.

But then they were like listen, can you tape yourself, can we see you dance in the off-season so I was like alright, here we go.

Now, you will teach Kylie some moves right.

You still didn't every few weeks.

The idea is to teach you how to dance, let's do it together.

This is like your little audition right here.

Come on, Kylie.

I'm here, yes.

How Come on, Kylie.

I'm here, yes.

How about you guys stand behind me then.

All we do is take a step to the side and then go forward.

There we go.

And then we go back to this foot.

What do we call this?

This is the clause clause.

I'm not showing anybody my clause clause on TV.

Start off by doing this to the hips.

This is getting ready for Manpower.

Come on, shake those hips.

There is a certain sort of pace to it.

You have to shake the hips.

Go, Larry, move those hips.

See, you got the job already.

Is that it?

And then what?

Just shake it.

Yeah, we're shaking it.

(LAUGHS) Take my work here.

Kylie, I've never seen you with a shiny floor dance partner and not dancing.


Let's go.

Clause clause one and then back.

There we go.

Side to side, together, back.

And then we do a turn, there we go.

You remember this?

I remember New Yorker and there we go.

Come on, Larry, you got to try this.

Come and do a New Yorker with me.

No, I don't want to dance with you.

Come and do it.

Teach him.

No, because you get those creepy eyes on.

Step to the side.

And forward.


There we go.

Step to the side.

Are youed?

There we go.

Back to the side.

It's exciting.

We're not arguing.

And then we step back.

Oh, (LAUGHS) There you go.

Do this one.

That was good.

What was that one where you spin around my neck?

Come on, up you go.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Sasha.

Thank you so much.

Did he teach us anything?

No, I think you were just rehearsing.

You knew that there was going to be a dance segment I think you were rehearsing.



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