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Europe's worst refugee crisis since the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s has strained the EU's asylum system to breaking point, with one man throwing his wife and baby onto train tracks.

A whale in the US has stolen the show during a politician's press conference. Dan Malloy was delivering a speech at the aquarium when he was interrupted by 'Juno' the baby beluga.

The Morning Show is celebrating all things 'Beyonce' on her birthday looking back at some of her biggest hits.

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Soul Cleanse: A major 'chuck-out' could be not only beneficial for your closet but it could also de-clutter your mind. Celebrity Stylist Fluer Egan gives her tough love solutions to detox your closet.

If you love pasta this is going to be your 'Willy Wonka' moment! Sammy and Bella visit the world's most delicious factory.