1. 2:08

    The rising AFL star avoids jail time for Boxing Day assault.

  2. 5:14

    We chat celebrity showdowns at Coachella, Oprah's stepmother accuses her of being a 'bully' and...

  3. 4:29

    The songstress performs her new single 'Feel It All' ahead of her national tour.

  4. 9:12

    Is too much money spent on caring for the elderly? A new school has opened for toddlers in NYC...

  5. 7:29

    U.S politicians are looking at introducing a new bill which will monitor advertisers who use...

  6. 1:14

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama team up to cover the hit song 'Timber' by Kesha and Pitbull.

  7. 3:53

    Sophie Hull reports from Elizabeth in Adelaide as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive.

  8. 7:14

    The award winning British singer and songwriter performs her chart topping single ahead of her...

  9. 3:26

    Sophie Hull reports from Adelaide where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to arrive shortly.

  10. 1:38

    Prominent doctor says the sick and elderly are 'overtreated' and a drain on hospital resources.

  11. 5:24

    Former premiers and politicians laugh all the way to the bank on their retirement salaries and...