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What's in the stars for you this week? Karen Moregold has all the details.

Divorce costs the Australian economy over $14 billion a year but it's the EMOTIONAL expense that really takes a toll. Dr Nikki Goldstein reveals her top tips to strengthen your marriage.

Celebrities arrive in style at the MTV Video Music Awards in the US. Taylor Swift did not disappoint fans when she arrived with her A-list besties.

What’s the Buzz: A movement called 'radical un-schooling' is gaining popularity. Parents are giving children total autonomy over their lives where there are NO rules at all! Shelly Horton and Matt …

Bestselling author Jon Ronson reveals how easy it is to destroy people on social media and tells how someone stole his identity on Twitter and exactly how he got his revenge.

Ahead of their national tour, we convinced Tim Freedman to stop by and play one of his most powerful songs 'Blow Up The Pokies.'

Four remaining 'Dancing With The Stars' couples have a big week ahead of them. Ash Pollard reveals how she brings her personality to the stage and how she has been able to express her emotions …