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Twin Magic books by Kate Ledger

The first book from the series ‘Twin Magic: Lost Tooth Rescue is available in bookstores now.

Twin Magic follows the story of Lottie and Mia who are twins with special magic powers - together, they can move objects with their minds! In the first book in this easy-to-read series, Lottie and Mia help a classmate recover her lost tooth. These Super Twins follow a trail of glitter and use their powers to save the day!

The second book, ‘Twin Magic: School Bully, Beware!’ will available in bookstores this August.

Commemorative Heath Ledger t-shirt

HEATH LEDGER 5 year Commemorative T-Shirt
Endorsed by the Ledger family
An exclusive Heath Ledger limited edition t-shirt has been created by Perth based
designer, Elana Rosa in conjunction with New York Photographer Ben Watts.
To commemorate five years since Heath’s passing on January 22nd 2008.
Funds from the sale of the t-shirt will directly benefit the below charities:

Telethon Trust Perth

Specifically the Children’s Brain Research Centre within Princess Margaret Hospital.
Australian’s In Film
The LA based ‘Heath Ledger’ Scholarship fund.

The t-shirt features an image of the Academy Award winning Actor, as his young self.
Shot through the skilful lens of Ben Watt’s in LA (2004).
A limited number of shirts are available in three sizes.

Go to: www.heathledger.com.au to purchase the t-shirt and read Ben Watt’s personal quote.

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

What is Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome?

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) affects approximately 15% of identical twins that share a placenta. The condition occurs when blood from one twin (commonly called “the donor”) is transfused into the other twin (commonly called “the recipient”) via blood vessels in the shared placenta. It can also occur in triplet or quadruplet pregnancies in which foetuses share a placenta.

Although it only affects a small number of pregnancies (approximately 2% of twin pregnancies), it is a potentially serious condition and can have life threatening effects on either one or both of the twins.

In the normal situation, blood vessels on the surface of a shared placenta of identical monochorionic twins connect to one another. There is a balanced amount of blood that flows in both directions. If there is a disturbance of this balance with more blood flowing from one baby (the donor) to the other (the recipient), TTTS occurs.

For more information visit, the Australian Multiple Births Association: www.amba.org.au

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