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This Bear Tries His Hand at Gymnastics

Is it a bear or an acrobat?The rescued moon bear who lives in Tam Dao Rescue Centre, Vietnam, recently began exploring his new home. Taking a shine to the wooden platform and wooden beam, this bear …

Rainbow Forms as Horses Relax on Carolina Beach

When a storm recently hit on the North Carolina coast line, it formed a beautiful rainbow reflecting onto the North Atlantic Ocean.These wild horses were spotted frolicking on the beach and wading in …

15 Dogs That Are Cooler Than You

If you didn’t feel inadequate before, you certainly will after you marvel at the impressive suavity of these pups. Whether chilling by the pool in the sun or being scratched simultaneously by three …

Learn How to Whistle Without Using Your Fingers

With Angelo’s simple guide, you too can whistle like a pro.Filming his process, Angelo offers a step by step guide into mastering the art of whistling without the use of fingers. Although it may be …

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