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Ducklings Rescued From a Drain in Florida

Ducklings were rescued from a drain on March 29 in South Tampa, Florida.Susan Carnes was on her way home when she spotted a pair of ducks in a drain.Carnes then called Tampa Police and officer …

Ice Floes Pile Up on Lake Utah

Corey Cochran was out on Lake Utah on January 11 when he captured video of quickly rising ice floes piling up. Cochran told Storyful that the piles reached five feet high before crashing back into …

Puppy's food bowl comes in form of spiral maze

Lily is a 3-month-old Golden Retriever puppy who enjoys a challenge. His owners have found him a food bowl that comes in the form of a spiral maze. Food must be slid around until it reaches the …

Expats of color living in Norway

Racial tensions are high in the United States, and Dayvee meets some expatriates during her trip in Norway. In this interview series, these new Norwegian residents explain some sort of racism-free …

Man surprises in-laws with pregnancy announcement

This man decides to surprise his in-laws by letting them know a baby's on the way with a shutterfly book with pictures from Ireland. The last page has a picture of Tara (his wife) and a sign that …

Skier Performs Amazing Flips

This skier was riding down some slopes. Every opportunity to jump and do a flip he took. He displayed confidence and skill each time he successfully landed. 

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