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Man Faces Stand Off With Aggressive Sheep

As Mark appeared on this farmyard in New Zealand, he probably didn’t anticipate quite such a rough encounter with this sheep.With only a bucket to use as a shield, Mark attempted to protect himself …

Fluffy Bunny Enjoys Sweet Heart Treat

This hungry bunny was treated to a heart-shaped snack. Once he got a taste for the snack, there was no stopping him, as he wolfed down his favorite treat. Credit: exempelthebunny via Storyful

Little Girl Convinced Batman Statue Is Her Dad

As Layla and her mother Melissa wandered through Lakeside Mall, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, they came across a certain someone that Layla was convinced she had met before.Spotting a Batman statue …

Bizarre Cloud Baffles Brazil Town

Residents in the Brazilian city of Teixeira de Freitas were left baffled after a mysterious cloud formed over the city on August 17.Joao Paulo Magalhaes shared this video to Instagram from a petrol …

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