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Father and Son Play Acoustic Guitar Duet

This father and son duo spent some quality time making music together. In this video, they perform a song written by dad entitled, “Outside my Front Door.” Credit: isalittlebroken via Storyful

Woman Trips and Falls Into Wading Pool

It’s all fun and games until someone falls into the kiddie pool.This woman was ambushed and splashed with water by many children but when she tried to retaliate, down she went into the paddling …

Groovy Geode Reflects Rainbow Colors

This rare “Aura” geode is special because of its unusual reflective properties. Depending on the angle and intensity of light, the surfaces of the stone appear to rapidly change colors. Very …

Thirsty Goat Enjoys a Stolen Coffee

After digging the goats out of their snowed in shed, this farmer was hoping to enjoy a relaxing coffee. This goat had other ideas, sneakily sliding in and slurping it all up. Credit: Sunflower Farm …

Goats on Parade After 3 Snowstorms in a Week

This goat farmer had to dig a path out for her goats after three snowstorms in one week.The farm had to deal with huge piles of snow but once a path had been cleared the goats were happy to trek out …

Impatient Dog Misses Her Owner; Beeps Car Horn

Meet Diamond, the dog so attached to her owner that a short separation is too much to take. Diamond’s owner walked into an Ohio tax office and was only gone for a few minutes, but the dog was so …

Guy Works on Leg Strength

This guy showed off the various ways he trains his legs. He did high kicks, squats, and jumps to maintain strong muscle in his legs. 

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