Van explosion outside Christian Lobby headquarters

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2-ingredients protein pancake recipe

Here's how to make some quick and simple protein pancakes. They're super tasty, super easy to make and will help you hit your protein goals. You only need 2 ingredients!

Adorable sleepy lion cub settles down for a nap

There is nothing cuter than a newborn lion cub. This is Aslan, an eight week old lion that spent some time in a foster home. Aslan explores the living room, yawns, settles down and has a snooze. He's …

Old dog bonds with new husky puppy

Watch this cute little puppy trying to make a new friend. When he finally gets this elderly dog's attention, what follows is pure cuteness. Just check it out for yourself!

Kitten Fascinated by 'First' Sight of Snow

Snow was widespread in Europe on January 13, and in the days before. For this German kitten, the floating white stuff was, according to its owner, a new experience. The kitty is clearly fascinated.

Massive murder of crows captured on camera

This video shows thousands of crows taking over the skyline of Montpelier, VT. The crows made Montpelier their home over the last few weeks, making it feel like a real life Hitchcock film! They can …