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Cockatoo Dances Around Table

This cockatoo loved to dance as her favorite song played. She attempted to get the other bird to dance, however, he just wanted to stand there but she continued to dance anyway. 

Guy Skis Down Slope of Grass and Leaves

This guy decided to ski even though winter was over and the snow was already gone. He strapped on his skis and rode down a slope of grass and leaves. Once at the bottom, he got onto his skateboard …

Dog Ignores Puppy

This dog was very uninterested when confronted with his puppy. He even went so far as to hide underneath a pillow. 

Guy Performs Amazing Flips

This guy jumped off a ledge and began to perform amazing flip stunts. He continuously kept moving and jumping about showing off his skill. 

Cat Hugs Owners Hair

This cat loved when his owner took a shower. He would always jump onto and hug his head tightly. Then he would lick and chew on his wet hair. 

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