The Mole is coming!

Hosted by Shura Taft

Hosted by Shura Taft, The Mole contestants must work together as a group and perform challenges to earn money, with a potential $250,000 up for grabs for the winner.

But among them is one contestant who is a saboteur - the Mole. It’s their job to create confusion, throw others off-track and use whatever means they can to stop the group winning money. And the Mole’s brief is to remain undetected.

Contestants have to hold their nerve, back their judgment and find out everything they can about each other in an attempt to uncover who among them is The Mole.

One by one, each contestant is Terminated from the show based on their ability to identify The Mole in The Quiz. The player who correctly identifies The Mole in the final episode will win the potential $250,000.

The Mole is a world-wide hit and was last seen on Australian screens in 2005. It’s time to return to the captivating world of fun, intrigue and suspicion. The Mole is compulsive viewing as alliances are made and broken, personalities clash and tempers fray.

The Mole throws contestants into a series of quirky, scary, exciting, fun, thrilling and mind-boggling challenges that will keep viewers enthralled.

Each episode features tasks that will push contestants to their limits - such as a high- wire relay suspended 20-storeys above ground in the Blue Mountains, a stunt plane ride near Melbourne and a dive with sharks in Queensland.

The physical challenges may seem daunting, but the mental challenges are downright terrifying. Contestants can’t afford to drop their guard for a second because the game is always ON.

The contestants own morality will be constantly tested and their interpretation of trust will forever shift. A lie during a game of honesty could leave them sleeping in a chain gang in the rain overnight beside Sydney Harbour. But is the temptation of an Exemption from Termination too great?

And that’s far from the only dilemma they’ll face. The contestants, and the viewers, will be constantly asking questions: Who is working against us? Is my friend really my enemy? Who is lying? Who can I trust? And the big one – Who is The Mole?

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