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Dementia. It's a cruel disease

To coincide with Dementia Awareness Month in September bestselling author Joan Sauers reveals what to do when someone you love begins to forget.

Strange things you can be FINED for

According to police parking crookedly outside the corner store, or leaving the keys in the ignition could cost you a small fortune.

Channel 7 supports Daffodil Day

Across the country, more than 10,000 volunteers will be encouraging people to show they care about beating cancer.

James Bond makes dangerous joke on live TV

Pierce Brosnan actor probably shouldn't quit his day job. The actor shocked viewers when he joked "there's a tsunami coming" as he read out the weather forecast on live TV.

NAKED women hired as fruit platters

Women were hired as human fruit platters for a Sydney launch party where they laid on tables with nothing but fruit on their naked bodies.

How to fix your marriage in two minutes

What if we told you it only takes two minutes effort each day to make your marriage successful? Author Heidi Poleman goes through some quick solutions that will save any relationship.