The Amazing Race Australia - Episode 2

So the first elimination on The Amazing Race Australia has finally taken place. After arriving in last place, Brother and sister Ryot and Liberty have been sent home. And though it was a bit sad to see Liberty cry (how poetic,) their eviction hasn’t helped me in the least with my predicament: finding a favourite and a most hated team. No disrespect to the siblings, who seemed like nice enough guys, but they never appeared on my radar.

Just like the debut episode of The Amazing Race Australia, the second one didn’t fail to keep me on the edge of my seat for the entire time – admittedly jumping and screaming at the screen every so often. But, mind you, while some teams are starting to take their places on the top and the bottom spots of my list, it seems like none of them have secured their place yet.

Having said that, I just can’t get enough of Tracy and Anne-Marie: without a doubt the most likeable (better yet, adorable) team in the race. And as if I didn’t like them enough already, they go and say: “When you compare us to some of the other teams, it’s definitely a case of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. We’re tortoises, but guess what? The tortoise won the race.” Can the self-proclaimed ‘tortoises’ take the big prize home? I sure hope so!

Then again, Mo and Mos are growing on me exponentially, and I also can’t take my eyes off of beauty queens Sam and Renae (and not only because of the obvious reason, but because they seem, at least so far, like two very fun and down-to-earth gals... Oh well, and for the obvious reason too).

So there you go, three teams competing to win my judgmental heart.

On the other side of the coin, If I had a dollar for every time I felt like screaming “Oh, please shut up!” at Joey, I probably wouldn’t be rich, but I definitely would have enough dough for a nice, fancy dinner with drinks included! As she kept repeating over and over “Focus. Believe. Achieve” like a cheap, broken motivational record from hell, I found myself hoping for The Amazing Race ancient gods to strike her down with a 40-minute penalty just for being annoying. Alas, it never happened. And she kept on repeating her clichéd motto over and over – all while backstabbing Alana and Mel.

And though I’m not particularly fond of Anastasia (or “Bambi” as some teams deservedly call her), Chris (or, “Muscles”) and his condescending (and sometimes plain rude) ways irritate me beyond belief. That team is a bomb about to explode… And I can’t wait to see it happening!

And so the countdown for Episode 3 begins! Until next time.

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