1. 2:32 Winners' interview - Daniel and Ryan

    Winners' interview - Daniel and Ryan

    Proving that sometimes nice guys do come first! Check out Daniel and Ryan's humbled final...

  2. 1:04 Bonus scene: Choppers

    Bonus scene: Choppers

    Exclusive extended clip of the couples' helicopter adventures.

  3. 2:31 Eliminated: Cat and Jesse

    Eliminated: Cat and Jesse

    They raced with honor, dignity, and pride, but now it's time for these lovable Kiwis to get...

  4. 1:42 Elimination: Carla and Hereni

    Elimination: Carla and Hereni

    The Maori Mums just missed out in the Grand Finale, but as the last Kiwi team in the Race, they go...

  5. 3:08 Horsing around

    Horsing around

    The teams do their best to dress some Argentinian polo horses.

  6. 1:07 Tango time

    Tango time

    Ash and Jarrod set the dance floor on fire like a couple of Latin lovers... well, sort of.

  7. 0:38 The Friar Tuck cut

    The Friar Tuck cut

    Monastic chic: Daniel and Ryan go for a haircut.

  8. 2:42 Sally and Tyson's final interview

    Sally and Tyson's final interview

    As Tyson puts it: "Second is nearly as good as first!" An unforgettable experience filled...