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  1. Enjoy the Great Ocean Road

    Enjoy the Great Ocean Road

    The Great Ocean Road, one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives, home to the iconic 12 Apostles, and backdrop to the finale of this year’s Amazing Race Australia vs. New Zealand.

  2. Eliminated: Cat and Jesse

    2:31 Eliminated: Cat and Jesse

    They raced with honor, dignity, and pride, but now it's time for these lovable Kiwis to get home to their kids.

    Also featuring:
    Cat and Jesse
  3. Elimination: Carla and Hereni

    1:42 Elimination: Carla and Hereni

    The Maori Mums just missed out in the Grand Finale, but as the last Kiwi team in the Race, they go back to New Zealand with their heads held high.

    Also featuring:
    Carla and Hereni
  4. Dubrovnik and Buenos Aries

    Dubrovnik and Buenos Aries

    Recap story: Forget friends, forget alliances, it was now the pointy-end of the competition, where every second counts and it was every team for themselves.