A history making fight

Danny Green joins Monique and Andrew to discuss one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history.

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Richard Glover and Shelly Horton discuss the implications of a new royal baby.


Meet the nine year old Aussie girl and her sister making millions by doing cooking videos for YouTube.

Not just all about the bass

AOK sits down with pop star Meghan Trainor to find out why her music is more than just bubblegum pop.

It's all in the mind

Meet the mentalist who can read your every thought! Lior Suchard gives Andrew and Monique a demonstration of his mind reading skills ahead of his Australian tour.

The tough 'mother' challenge

Dads around the country giving mums the weekend off while taking part in the 'Tough Mother' challenge. Founder Alice Morrell joins us along with father-of-three Peter Paltoglou.

Food for thought

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow is close to feeding a million impoverished children a day by giving them a free meal when they turn up to school. He joins Andrew and Monique to explain why.

How old do I look?

The Weekend Sunrise team check out a new app that claims to be able to tell how old a user is from an uploaded photo.

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