Australia's top tradies

AOK and Mon take the tradie challenge with WorldSkills Australia CEO Mark Callaghan, Samantha Johnson and Daniel Picariello.

Latest from Weekend Sunrise

An intergenerational program involving preschoolers and retirees in the US is having remarkable impact. Cath Healy from Playgroup Victoria and CEO Alison Verhoeven join us.

In Australia we love our beaches, we love our surf. So how do we manage the rising number of sharks spotted on our coasts?

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has said Liberal frontbenchers who are pro same-sex marriage should resign and go to the back bench. Jane Caro and Nick Cater debate.

Angela Cox brings us the latest headlines from the United States. There has been major opposition in the south to the gay marriage ruling; Barack Obama meets with David Attenborough.

26-year-old Cy Walsh has been charged with murder after killing his father and is undergoing a psychiatric assessment wile the football and wider communities mourn the AFL coach's death.

Jude Bolton and Matty Adamson discuss the sad news of murdered AFL coach Phil Walsh and the moving tributes taking place around the nation.

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