1. 3:28

    A Queensland teenager is leading a very glamorous double life.

  2. 3:23

    We meet six patients from Sydney Children's Hospital who are about to mark a transition like no...

  3. 5:14

    The Duchess of Cambridge is leaving the fashion world in a frenzy and a 25-year-old law student has...

  4. 4:11

    Father Bob is launching a campaign to feed the homeless at Easter.

  5. 1:58

    Adam Williams has won $10,000 in our Easter Eggstravaganza.

  6. 0:10

    Some of you noticed a woman being chased by a police officer in the background of the show today!...

  7. 0:28

    A video of a near-miss car accident in Russia has left hundreds of people scratching their heads....

  8. 3:30

    Derryn Hinch and Anna Caldwell talk about the fallout from Barry O'Farrell's resignation.

  9. 2:45

    Michael Carr-Gregg talks about the 12 year old mother and 13 year old father choosing to bring up...

  10. 5:02

    Check out this job interview video for a job like no other.

  11. 0:31

    Terrifying! Woman goes berserk on flight, screaming 'God you're my saviour!'.